Update tree software and Ancestry sub too

A few days ago I wrote about the new version of Family Tree Maker, the software connected with the Ancestry site but which can be used stand-alone.

Today Amazon has remarkably good discounts for advance order – it’s due out 14th October in the UK. The ‘World Edition’ is at the cheapest I remember seeing it, at £64-02* against a list price of just over a hundred pounds. (The 2011 version is not as low.) Here’s the link: Family Tree Maker 2012 World Edition (PC). This  includes 6 month Worldwide membership of Ancestry.co.uk, which is £155-40 for a year bought direct, so if you need foreign records as well as UK ones it is very good value.

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Site stats can help in odd ways

Sometimes I feel I get a bit obsessed with checking the statistics on this site. I like to see what visitors are searching for and what pages they read (or at least visit). This can be useful though – allowing me to respond quickly to my new Cullum cousin recently for instance. The stats can also prompt a tweak in the content, making me realise I haven’t quite got the content up to date or clear enough to answer a search phrase.

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Keeping the family trees in sync

I started building my family tree using Ancestry.co.uk, but fairly quickly decided that my reference database would be using the connected Family Tree Maker software on my PC. A new version of this comes out every year, and the latest is due out soon – in America at the end of September and in the UK two weeks later (according to Amazon, which says release date is 14th October).

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Sydney Howes rear left, William John Cullum front right

Uncle William comes into focus No longer in a pickle with the Cullums

It has been rather a long summer break for this blog – time to get back down to the writing.

The only possible subject for this week is making contact with a genuine descendant of my great great grandmother Harriet Cutlock and her husband William Bishop Cullum (see Cutlock/Cullum page). Muriel’s daughter happened to stumble on this website as she was checking out the Cullum name and noticed that Muriel was mentioned. We have been exchanging emails since Sunday 11th, and got as far as a Skype conversation by the Tuesday. This completes the wish list for the year three months early {1}!

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