The London smog of 1952

6th December 1952 – the day my paternal grandfather Sydney Charles Howes died after cycling from his teaching job in Nunhead to home in New Cross. Smog related death not long before he was due to retire and the reason I never met him. (6th December was the height of the smog.)

Originally from a tweet by @ancestryuk 22nd Nov: “Amazing photos from London smog of 1952. Wrong weather + burning coal = big problem for London.”

The photo page on Another Nickel in the Machine is dated 2008, so not sure why Ancestry has flashed it up now, but good to have.

Studio portrait of SC Howes

(Content updated for 6th December 2011.)

One thought on “The London smog of 1952

  1. Thank you for the link. I originally tweeted the post because it was foggy that day in London and I thought it was worth saying “call this fog? Have a look at what it was like sixty years ago.”

    Thanks again, @robnitm

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