The Beasor connection

A fascinating start to 2012 and the addition of a Beasor family page to Cutlock & Co. A cousin to my nephews uploaded some old Beasor photos to following a Christmas visit to his (and their) gran. Almost as soon as I created a link to these on my Ancestry tree, my dad’s second cousin Muriel spotted them and realised she knew this Beasor family.

The church photo in Muriel’s possession helps to tell the story, taken at Deptford Church of Christ (old scout hut). The date could be early 1950, but perhaps more likely 1957 or 1958, shortly before the church relocated to Avery Hill (Eltham) {2}. The new building opened in 1958 and is now part of United Reformed Church.In this photo, Muriel’s mother Dora Cullum (nee Briselden) is in the second row from rear, third from right. The young chap with his hand on her shoulder is Frank Beasor junior. Frank Beasor senior is in the next row forward, second from left, with second wife {1} Ethel Taylor straight behind, her hand on his shoulder.

Muriel also has photos of a seaside trip by her own family with Frank Beasor junior’s family.

The remarkable thing is that Frank junior’s eldest daughter would later marry the eldest son of Dora’s husband’s (half) cousin, at the church in Avery Hill. The couple met at secondary school, not knowing that there was already this connection between the families. Or that their fathers also knew each other from school days.

Does anybody recognise other individuals in the photograph? In particular, who is the other lady with Frank junior’s hand on her shoulder?

UPDATE: Thank you for the comments made on the ‘photo attachment page‘, which are worth a read.


1. Frank Cornelius Beasor re-married late in 1950, after the death of his first wife (Maude Miller), to Ethel Taylor (registered in Oct-Dec quarter, Deptford).

2. Since this was written, the main URC website has lost its info on local churches to which this linked. There is however a mention of the Avery Hill church in the Eltham URC history page (they combined in 1993). 

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