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Price increase for Ancestry?

Ancestry has increased its subscription rates for new members on the site, although the monthly sub at the most basic level has gone down.

The changes make sense in that there is a clearer relationship between monthly and annual rates, generally the latter is approximately 10 times more. The ‘Premium’ level is the exception, at £129 pa (was £107-40) against £14-99 pm,  although I have also seen the annual figure showing as £149!

The other rates are:

  • Essentials (with access to the basic UK records – census, BMD) £99 pa (was £83-40) or £9-99 per month (was £10-95).
  • Worldwide £199 (up from £155-40), £19-99 pm (previously £18-95).

There hasn’t been any announcement from Ancestry about this, but a post on their Facebook page eventually got this response (12th September):

” Hi all, as Patricia mentioned the price you’re seeing on the site is part of a current test that will not affect our existing members. We would never change prices without letting our members know first. If you have questions about your membership, please give us a call on 0800 404 9723. Thank you. ”

Oddly, though, existing members can no longer see an annual subscription rate when they check prices (when logged in), only monthly or 6 monthly – and 6 monthly is an option which isn’t usually shown {2}.

Further confusing things, another official reply on a Facebook comment at 26th September says “Those price changes are for our U.S. subscription. We do not have any foreseeable price changes for our other members. -HL”. Then why are they appearing for UK subscribers, in pounds not dollars?! This is getting bizarre.

Ancestry’s main rivals for the British family history market, Find My Past, have gradually moved their pricing to reflect Ancestry’s, except they don’t have a monthly option, just 6 months or yearly. Yearly is currently:  Foundation level £79-95, Full £109-95, World £159-95, although they frequently have discount offers of ten per cent or so (existing subscribers automatically get 10% off at renewal).

I am wondering what impact this might have on the pricing for the UK version of Family Tree Maker 2014 {1}. Up to now this software has come out in different flavours depending on what level of Ancestry sub is included. Release news must surely be imminent.


1. See previous item 2014 Family Tree Maker out soon

2. The 6 monthly options appear to have been replaced by annual ones at 26 Sep.



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