Some new Ancestry records

Ancestry has recently had one of its massive uploads of new datasets – in this instance showing as done on 21st January. These are “select” baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials and more from around the world. In other words, incomplete parish register or similar records, from centuries ago up to the 20th century. They are (all?) sourced from FamilySearch, a tie-up which was announced relatively recently. In this case, not entirely new to the web, then.

UK records include:

  • Isle of Man
  • Channel Islands
  • Bristol
  • Cheshire (including some workhouse and non-conformist)
  • Derbyshire
  • Dorset
  • Essex
  • Glamorgan (about 200,000 marriages)
  • Norfolk
  • Merchant Navy (some 2 million, 1835 to 1941)

plus general England, Wales, GB.

Ancestry UK’s most recent site news item just mentions an update to Surrey Parish records, although this is a substantial update of 400,000 records, they say.

Ancestry also continues to benefit from its link with Find a Grave (they’ve now bought the set-up), and I was pleased to see my own contributions to the latter, relating to Trealaw cemetery, appear in Ancestry hints recently.

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