First World War Details and round-up of family involvement

There are various articles on Cutlock & Co covering 1914 to 1918 family experiences. These are linked below, along with some further information.

Note that only about 40% of World War One army service records survive. Medal records can give some minimal info, if the name isn’t too common -otherwise look out for local press coverage of casualties or other events.

Concerning close relations

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Arthur R Howes, 1926 to 2015 A brief memorial

Early days

Arthur Robert Howes grew up in New Cross, south east London, his teenage years coinciding with the war. Sadly his older sister Margaret died before he was 3, and so he was in effect an only child and no doubt spoilt as such.

A second cousin, 7 years younger, recalls visiting the house in Waller Road and being allowed to play with his toys (while he was at school) – his home-made fort, farm and bagatelle board were much better than the toys she had herself. » Continue reading Arthur R Howes, 1926 to 2015 A brief memorial

Piecing together the anti-war evidence New WW1 'conchy' records

A new record set covering conscientious objectors has been published on the ‘Lives of the First World War‘ website {1}, run by Imperial War Museum and FindMyPast. Added to mark International Conscientious Objector Day on 15th May, the Pearce Register of British World War One Conscientious Objectors collates fragmentary evidence to produce over 16,500 records {1}.

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Finding Howes on (Spinal) tap

An amusing aside, particularly for those in the US with Howes connections. A rock musician cum brewer has produced a batch of stout called Red Howes, after his grandfather. Created with the Allagash Brewing Co in Portland, Maine, cranberries also by the name of Red Howes are part of the mix. No known relation to either Red!

More in the video on Metal Underground, news item on Decibel mag. Or find video on Vimeo

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Sixty years on

Today, 6th December 2012, marks 60 years since the height of the great smog in London. The Guardian has produced a picture gallery of those days and other smogs in London and Manchester.

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The Beasor connection

A fascinating start to 2012 and the addition of a Beasor family page to Cutlock & Co. A cousin to my nephews uploaded some old Beasor photos to following a Christmas visit to his (and their) gran. Almost as soon as I created a link to these on my Ancestry tree, my dad’s second cousin Muriel spotted them and realised she knew this Beasor family.

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