Neals in Canada – photos

A selection of old photos from family albums. First ten photos are of Robert (Bob) Neal and family at or near Oak River, Manitoba, Canada.

Photo Gallery

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Apologies for the crude auto-cropping of the thumbnails. » Continue reading “Neals in Canada – photos”

A better view of the Canadian Neals

A few old photographs have thrown a whole lot of new light onto the great aunt and uncle who separately left Norwich for the relative wilds of Canada.

Gayle, a second cousin once removed and living in that country, has been looking into her family history for longer than me and has got a collection of photos not just of her ancestors going back to Robert Neal and Mary Earl but also Robert’s sister Alice. » Continue reading “A better view of the Canadian Neals”

Making the news makes family history

This post was going to be about bringing together disparate sources to build a picture, but has evolved into one on the increasing availability and usefulness of newspaper archives.

The British Newspaper Archive website went live late 2011, but while I have yet to use this, cuttings are increasingly adding to the data available. And the new series of Who Do You Think You Are? has featured newspaper extracts in each of the three episodes so far, with a particularly strong impact on Patrick Stewart’s view of his “angry” and abusive father when a cutting mentions shell-shock during evacuation from Cherbourg in 1940. » Continue reading “Making the news makes family history”

Alice arrives in Canada

A nice little update to a previous article about great aunt Alice Neal – Turning an absence into a presence – which traced her to Canada.

I have  now located her in the passenger lists arriving in Canada. It’s a bit of an odd record, as a form has been adapted slightly. But there’s little doubt this is her, accompanied by her uncle Henry, who had already settled in Canada.

This is a sailing from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the ship Mongolian, arriving 24th February 1894. » Continue reading “Alice arrives in Canada”

Turning an absence into a presence

Tracing Alice Neal’s family

No old photos on today’s item. In fact a photo absence is where it starts. Alice Neal was the only one of the 11 children of Robert Smith Neal and Ellen Elizabeth Watts not to appear in the 1902 family photograph featuring elsewhere on Cutlock and Co. But the very helpful caption, added later by gran (Emily Neal), says “No 3 Alice in Canada”. (Alice was the third child, Emily 9th.) » Continue reading “Turning an absence into a presence”