Neal relations at Cuckoos Cup, The Wrekin

Lives and Events

Notable events in, and around, people’s lives.

  • The tragic tale of Laura Curtis, the short married life of a very unlucky member of the Neal family in the early 1900s.
  • Tonypandy Riots – a year-long miners’ strike 1910/11 had moments of violence, which must have been witnessed by members of the Welsh side of the family.
  • First World War Rounding up the various site articles touching on this topic, plus some more details on those who served, army training, conscription.

See Abroad section for family migration events: North America, misc or Australia/New Zealand. Also the Timeline of key historical and family dates.

Here are some Cutlock and Co items giving context to ancestors lives, such as poverty, housing, environment. And don’t forget the Occupations page.

Other events will appear in the site’s ‘blog posts’. For instance:


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