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Howes family

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A good Norfolk name

The Howes name can be traced back a long way in the county of Norfolk. For instance, there’s a John Howes of Morningthorpe, High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1718 – who is likely to be a second cousin, nine times removed! Thanks to Paul Howes for pointing out the connection – direct link to Howesfamilies database entry for John Howes of Morningthorpe (1662 to 1737, also known as John Howse).

For the Howes lineage in Besthorpe back to the 1400s, with spellings of Howse and Howys, see our Bottling it in Besthorpe article, centred around James Howes who was living in Bottle House, Besthorpe at 1841, and the grandfather to Arthur AB Howes below.

Other local places appearing in earlier days include Old Buckenham, Carleton Rode, Wymondham.

Arthur Albert Barcoe Howes

Arthur Albert Barcoe Howes was born 26th August 1858 in Norwich to Charles Henry Howes and Apollonia Carter. Baptism at Holy Trinity church, Heigham 25 Dec 1867. Charles was born in Besthorpe about 1830, likely living at ‘Bottle House’ 1841, and later worked as a tailor in Norwich, dying 1877. Apollonia came from nearby Attleborough, born about 1835, died Norwich 1900. Marriage 18 Dec 1853 Heigham, Norwich.

AAB’s early years were in the yards of Norwich – Globe Street (Clarkes Buildings) and Rose Yard according to 1861 to 1891 censuses. He worked as a house decorator/painter and ended up in Churchill Road.

Marriage to Ann Harriet Cutlock in 1885 (2nd August, St Augustine). Offspring Arthur William (1885), Sydney Charles (1888), Gertrude (1891).

  • Arthur William Howes married Hilda Brock 1935 in Ipswich, no children. A “letter sorter and telegraphist” at 1911, he also worked on the night train Norwich to London, but perhaps spent most of his working life behind the counter at Ipswich main post office. His death certificate (1968) records him as ‘supervisor, General Post Office (retired)’. See Top three for family tree in 2010 – discovering Hilda’s name. Also see Rogue elements in Uncle Arthur’s past, which reveals an earlier marriage in 1916.
  • Gertrude Howes (aunt Gertie) never married. A boot and shoe worker, cutting leather; when at Start-Rite she cut the uppers for royal family children.
  • Sydney Charles Howes married Emily Elizabeth Neal 1919 in Norwich, but was working in London as a supply teacher at the time. He died in the great London smog of 1952, which prompted the introduction of clean air laws. Two children: Margaret Joyce – born 27 Aug 1922, died 9 March 1929, and Arthur Robert. See Before they were married for more on Sydney and Emily, also Piecing together the anti-war evidence.

Siblings of AAB Howes

All born/died Norwich unless otherwise stated.

  • Frederick Charles Howes, probable birth 1853 registered as Frederic Howes Carter, died 1878 (probable).
  • Barcoe James Howes 1859-1860.
  • Herbert Charles Howes 1864-1868.
  • Anna Julia Howes b/d 1866.
  • Albert Frank William Howes b 1868, m Ann Sophia Catchpole 1889 Norwich. Became an insurance inspector, lived Hull and Cambridgeshire – death in 1917 recorded in Kingston-upon-Hull but was living at 31 Rustat Road, Cambridge (from probate record). One child Albert Charles Augustus Howes, b 1896, died 1935 in Bedford. (Correction, April 2016: Hilda May Richardson married Albert E (Edward or Ted) Howes in 1922, not Albert CA.)
  • Herbert Mark Ewart Howes b 1869, m Sarah Ann Barrett 1896 Wymondham Abbey. Insurance clerk, died 1935. Six children, including Elsie Alexander (1901-1978), Marjorie (1903-1972, m Harry Newstead 1929), Doris Irene (1907-1987, m Walter Wentworth Hardy 1936).
  • Charles Lewis Edward Howes b/d 1872.
  • Anna Julia Howes 1873-74, twin Emma Alberta Howes b/d 1873.
  • Charles Henry Howes b 1876, m Agnes Maria Brown 1902, d 1953. Children Olive Matilda b 1904 probably died 1993 Gorleston, and Fernley Charles b 1906, died 1969 Great Yarmouth.

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  1. Margaret L. Stahr avatar
    Margaret L. Stahr

    I am Edna (Jeary) Vogt’s daughter. My brother, Jim, forwarded your E-mail to me because we are working on the Family Tree Maker for our family. We have an old version of our tree online. Is that where you found your information? I do not have any new information on the Jeary family line, but hope to work on that again soon. I would be glad to correspond with you and to learn more about our England relatives and ancestors. (Email address removed for privacy) If you haven’t seen our tree, it is listed online on Family Tree Maker as the Carston Stahr Family Tree. My husband is Verle Stahr — The Vogts and Jeary’s are listed on my side. My listing goes back to my grandfather, William Jeary, and his parents, Robert John Jeary, and his parents 1819-1892. I don’t find a Howe in my listing, so I am interested in knowing more about you.
    Our current plans (tentative) are to come to England in April to visit our grandson, Carsten Stahr, and his wife. He is a captain in the airforce at Mildenhall. We hope to spend a month or so and also tour Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, probably using a train pass.

    Margaret L. (Vogt) Stahr

  2. Ann Elizabeth Dempsey avatar
    Ann Elizabeth Dempsey

    My grandfather was Herbert Mark Ewart Howes and my mother was Doris Irene Howes who married Walter wentworth Hardy. I am very interested in all details of my ancestry so I am very glad that while browsing today I chanced to find this information. Ann E Dempsey, nee Hardy

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