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Robert Smith Neal

Neal family at 1902. Caption written by Emily (when older?), from rear left – numbers show birth order: “Laura (7), Henry (5), George (6), Eliza (4); Edith (8), Ellen (Nellie) (1), Mother, Father, Robert (2); Albert (11), Mary (Polly) (10), Emily (9). No 3 Alice in Canada”.

Robert Smith Neal was born 1852 in Norwich, probably 24th April. He was a shoemaker, but later (in his fifties?, possibly after incurring some physical impairment) became a chapel caretaker. This was almost certainly for the Congregational Church in Magdalen Road (opened 1902 but the hall in Clarke Road was there from 1892?). The church hall was behind the house at 7 Guernsey Road, and his wife took on this role after his death in 1908.

Robert’s parents were Robert Neal (b about 1816) and Harriet Smith (b 18 Aug 1820), married 19th Feb 1843 St Peters Mountergate. Robert senior died in 1854, and Harriet remarried to John Blyth 1857. Some census records show RS Neal (and his brother Henry) as Blyth (also spelt Blythe).

Robert Smith Neal married Ellen Elizabeth Watts 4th March 1872 Norwich; his step sister Amelia was a witness (along with her future husband).


All born Norwich.

  • Eliza Neal 1846-1857
  • Walter Neal 1848-1856
  • Harriet Neal 1850-1855
  • Henry Neal b 1854, emigrated to Canada, d 1932.

Half Siblings

  • Twins Walter Blyth, Eliza Blyth were born 31st August 1858. Eliza m Benjamin Mallett 1882 Norwich, possibly died 1935 Norwich. Walter probably died 1863.

Step Siblings

  • Jane Blyth b 1841
  • Amelia Blyth b 1843, d 1926, m William Burdett.
  • Maria Blyth b 1847
  • Sarah Ann Blyth b 1850
  • William Blyth b 1854, m Harriet Elizabeth Wilde.


  • Ellen Harriet (‘Nellie’) Neal b 27 Aug 1872. Married Henry James Valentine Williams 1896. Died 9 Aug 1922. Offspring:
    • Henry Edward (b 1897, d 1958), known as Harry, married Lillian Hurst (Lil) 1935 Cheshire.
    • Ethel Ellen (1898-1995) m Reginald Gunton 1926 Norwich.
    • Alec James (1904-1976) m Cissie Berry 1930 Norwich.
  • Robert (Bob) Neal b 15 Oct 1873. Married Mary Earl 1897 Norwich, emigrated to Manitoba, Canada and became a farmer, died 26 Aug 1945. Offspring all born Manitoba: William Robert 1897, Harry James 1899, Earl 1900 (died Norwich 1902), Stanley George 1909, and Nellie (Ellen Mary) 1913. Two further sons born and died Norwich 1903-05. See Abroad page, also Canadian photo gallery.
  • Alice Eliza Neal b 21 June 1875, d 10 Sep 1939 Winnipeg. Married Alexander Reid, 9 May 1902 Winnipeg, Canada. See Abroad page, Turning an absence into a presence, Alice arrives in Canada.
  • Eliza Neal b 31 Dec 1876. Married Ernest John Laddiman 1905 – see Wedding fashions page for photo. Moved to Wellington, Shropshire, where he worked as a pharmacist and photographic dealer – see Uncle Ernest the pharmacist– and saw WW1 service in the Royal Army Medical Corps. She died 24 Feb 1970, Ernest in 1949. Children:
    • John Robert (1906-1994), known as Jack, m Helen Marguerite Price (1907-1966), known as Peggy, 1933 Wellington. No children.
    • Eric Ernest (1913-1985) m Vera Margaret Davies (1916-2001) 1940 Wellington.
  • Henry Neal b 2 March 1881. Married Hannah Elizabeth Andrews 1904. Occupation variously given as blacksmith, locksmith, metal worker, knife maker, had workshop in basement at home. Died 17 June 1968. Children:
    • Henry Frederick 1905-1963 Silversmith – see A bunch of artists.
    • Ellen b 1907
    • Robert 1908 – 1984 Truro, worked in Ghana.
    • Frederick b 1910
    • Ernest b 1912
    • Leonard b 1916
    • Elsie b 1920
    • Dorothy b 1922
    • Margaret b 1923
    • Jack b 1927
    • Patricia b 1930
  • George Neal b 11 March 1883. Married Beatrice Norman Lake 3 Aug 1912, Harrow. School teacher – arts, mainly in Harrow (county school for boys) – see A bunch of artists. Died 11 Mar 1963. One child Peter George Neal (1914-1972).
  • Laura Emma Neal b 22 June 1885, d 27 Aug 1904 – see separate page for her tragic tale. Child Ethel Laura Curtis b 28 Dec 1903.
  • Edith Neal b 25 Apr 1887, died 1976, never married (see Those the “intended” left behind). Worked at Dolcis shoe factory.
  • Emily Elizabeth Neal b 15 Nov 1890. Married Sydney Charles Howes – see Howes page. Died 10 Sept 1980 Deptford.
  • Mary (Martha?), known as Polly, Neal b 15 Dec 1892, died 1912.
  • Albert Neal b 12 Apr 1897. Probably died 1915.

The Neal family with in-laws and grandchildren, 1902, caption written by Emily (with minor clarifications): Edith, George, Robert, Henry, Laura; Harry Williams, Nellie, Mother, Father, Mary (wife of Robert), Eliza; Harry Williams (junior), Ethel Williams, Albert, Harry Neal, Willie Neal; Emily, Mary (Polly).

It would be great to hear from anyone related in some way to those mentioned here.

Harper Smith line

Harriet Smith’s father John Harper Smith (1792-1872) was a master mariner in the coasting trade, also publican and coal dealer (based Norwich/Yarmouth).

More on this line.

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