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Scott and Osborne South Somerset, South Wales

The not-quite-so Welsh line, moving for work

The Scotts

Charles Scott married Amelia Osborne 1895 Pontypridd district. They lived at 15 Fern Terrace, Tonypandy for many years.

In this photo (below) of the Scott family, presumed to be taken on Daisy Maud Scott and Spencer May’s wedding day early 1923:

  • Rear, left to right – Stan, Emm (Emma Jane), Spencer May (husband to Daisy Maud), (Daisy) Maud, Levi Watkins, Phyllis (Phyllis Amelia, auntie Phil).
  • Sitting – Will (William Charles), Amelia (nee Osborne), Charles (Vickery), Mary Anne Watkins (nee Scott).
  • On floor – Lily-May, Vivian Watkins.
May Scott wedding, 1923

It would be great to hear from anyone related in some way to those mentioned here.

Amelia Osborne

Parents William Osborne (born Merriott, Somerset,  1st Jan 1848, buried Trealaw cemetery 1928) and Mary Ann Sibley (born Crewkerne or Misterton 1852, buried Trealaw Cemetery 1932). They were married 15th Aug 1871 in Misterton.

Amelia Scott (Osborne)

Amelia was born 18th August 1878, Princess Road, Springbourne – now a suburb of Bournemouth but part of Christchurch district at the time. Her siblings were generally born in the Welsh valleys, which is where she spent most of her life.

Died 15th February 1964, Belvedere, Kent (see Lily May Scott entry below), and buried in Trealaw Cemetery, Rhondda.

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Trealaw cemetery – see Tonypandy page, also Keen eyes and some groundwork to find the name, A quick look at family gravestones at Trealaw.

Osborne Family

See Tonypandy page ‘Moving for Work’ section for Amelia’s relatives who had moved to the Welsh valleys from Somerset. Also A community in the Bush – Osbornes at Bush Houses (Cwm Clydach).

The Osborne family in general came from Merriott, but Robert Osborne (born about 1824) moved to Crewkerne then Misterton. He was variously listed in the census as General dealer, Horse dealer, Tranter and Hawker (also in 1871 as ag lab). He married Mary Ann Dawe, and William (above) was his eldest son.

Two of Robert’s brothers (George and Samuel) emigrated to Australia/ New Zealand. His other brother Joseph stayed in the Misterton area as a farmer. Read Following four brothers from Somerset for a bit more.

Also see The wider Osborne family in Tonypandy.

Amelia’s siblings

The other children of William Osborne and Mary Ann Sibley.

  • Margaret Ann b 1874 Bargoed, known as Annie. Married Clifford Charles Taylor (1876-1902) in 1896, then George Trask (b 1864 Merriott) in 1905, d 1941 Weymouth. See In praise of Ancestry’s Member Connect activity feature. Her children:
    • Ada Taylor b 1897 Tonypandy, married Elisha Teasdale Sykes 1916 Weymouth and emigrated to Australia 1919, d 1974 New South Wales.
    • William George Taylor b 1901 Tonypandy, m Dorothy Allen nee Tetlow 1922 Southampton.
    • Clifford Charles Taylor b 1902 Tonypandy, m Helena Elizabeth Harlock 1930 Southampton, d 1976 Southampton. Sauce cook on the Queen Mary (also spotted on Mauretania and Aquitania ships).
    • John David Taylor b 1903 Tonypandy, m Christine McGill 1927 Weymouth, d 1981?
    • Annie Ellen Trask b 1906 Tonypandy, married William J Duignan 1919 Weymouth, d 1999.
    • Daniel Trask b 1908 Weymouth, d 1925.
    • Phyllis J Trask b 1916 Weymouth, m William Childs 1943, d 1990?
  • Rosina b 1876 Bargoed (also shown on census as Bournemouth and Merthyr). Married Albert James Gregory 1892, d 1926 buried Trealaw. Offspring, all born Tonypandy area:
    • Mary Ann Gregory b 1893, m Frederick Arthur Winnett 1915, d 1985.
    • Albert James Gregory b 1896, m Sophia Picton 1920, d 1970 buried Trealaw.
    • Louisa Gregory b 1898, m David John Roberts 1918.
    • Joseph (Joe) Gregory b 1900, m Rhoda Griffiths 1922, d 1983. Band leader, musical shop proprietor etc. Cardiff/Tonypandy.
    • William Robert Gregory b 1902, m Naomi Herbert 1920, d 1985 buried Trealaw.
    • Rose (or Rosina) Gregory b 1904, m Daniel Blanchard 1929 London, d 1985 Kent.
    • Maria Gregory b 1907 m Thomas Albert Clarke 1926 London, d 1982 London.
    • Lily Gregory b 1909 m Edward Albert Beauchamp 1929 London, d 1961 London.
    • George Gregory b 1911, m Irene R L Jones 1935.
    • John Gregory b 1914 m Doreen Winter 1935.
    • Arthur Gregory b 1916 m Ada Williams 1938?, d 1984 Neath.
    • Leslie Gregory b 1919 m Helen Macey 1942 Norton Radstock, d 1984 Bath.
  • Ellen Susan Selina b 1880 Bournemouth, m Oliver Woodland 1898. (See No curfew on finding the right birthplace re his grandfather William Woodland.) At 1901/1911 in Blaengwynfi. Offspring born Blaengwynfi:
    • Alice May Woodland b 1900
    • Florence Annie Woodland b 1903
    • Ivy Elizabeth Woodland b 1906
    • Stanley Oliver Woodland b 1907
    • Frederick Daniel Osborne Woodland b 1910 m Lydia Selina Mountford (nee Jones?) 1942.
  • Elizabeth Osborne b 1882 Cwm Clydach, m Fred Tucker 1899 Neath. Offspring mainly born Blaengwynfi:
    • Violet Maud b 1900, m Walter Boobyer 1922.
    • Rosina b 1902, m John B Jones 1919.
    • Oliver b 1907.
    • Leonard Robert b 1911, d 1976, m Phyllis John 1938.
    • Ronald P b 1915, d 2005.
    • Vernon Osborne Tucker b 1918, d 1994, m Marjorie Newcombe 1940.
  • William Robert b 1886. Coal miner in Blaenclydach at 1911, not found in Trealaw burial record.
Eva Brookstone, early 1940s

Lily b 1887 Blaenclydach, m John Brookstone 1903 (see Finding that elusive Jewish connection), d 1960 buried Trealaw. Offspring:

  • Reginald Brookstone 1903-1928.
  • William Brookstone b/d 1908.
  • Doris Brookstone 1910-1924.
  • Eva Brookstone b 1917, m Harold Lofthouse 1942, d 1980.
  • Daniel b 1890 Tonypandy, d 21 Feb 1909 buried Trealaw (with parents).
    • Daisy b 1892 Tonypandy, m Frederick Charles Letherby 1910, d 1955 buried Trealaw. Offspring, born Tonypandy area:
      • Trevor George Letherby b 1910 d 1987, m Dorothy FM Webb 1939.
      • Frederick William Letherby b 1913 d 1973, m Kathleen A M Redmond 1944.
      • Brinley Letherby b 1915 d 1971, m Ivy Stella Crump 1938.
      • Sidney James Letherby b 1917 d 1979, m Phyllis M Moss 1952.
      • Leslie Arthur Letherby b 1926 d 1996, m Violet E Jones 1952.
      • Stanley Letherby b 1927 d 2000, m Megan Lewis 1953.

    Charles Vickery Scott

    Parents Walter Scott (born Seavington St Mary 1851, baptised 23rd Feb 1851), Mary Ann Vickery (born Seavington St Michael 1851, baptised 10th Aug 1851), who were married 30th Mar 1872 Seavington St Michael.

    Charles was born 1874 Seavington St Michael, baptised 1st Feb 1874 – family then in Whitelackington. He was in Clydach, Rhondda by 1891 census – lodger at 6 Knoll Street, with step-uncle George Brake and family (see How to Brake the records).

    Died 1944, buried Trealaw Cemetery.

    Grave of Charles, Amelia and Stanley Scott

    Children of Charles and Amelia, all born Tonypandy area:

    • Mary Ann b 1897 (at 25 Bush Houses), married Levi Watkins Nov 1916. Died in New Cross 1956.
    • Daisy Maud b 1899 (probably in Bush Houses), married Spencer Edward May (1901-1956) 1923. Missionary work in India, and Sri Lanka? They returned from India in 1946 after being stuck there during WW2, and later emigrated to New Zealand. Daisy died 1982, NZ. See Kiwi cousins. Offspring:
      • Megan Blanche May, b Bangalore, India.
      • Gwenfron Dilys May b Colombo, Sri Lanka 1927, d 2001 NZ.
      • Spencer Hedley May b 1930 Rochford, Essex, d 1996 NZ.
      • Bernard John (Jack) May, b 1932 India, d 1984 Bristol.
    • William Charles b 1901, m Jessie Doris Liddy 1941 in Stoke on Trent, d 1979 Stoke on Trent. Pentecostal minister, Staffordshire (after some time as a coal miner).
    • Stanley b 1903. Worked in local Co-op, died 1963 Tonypandy, buried Trealaw cemetery.
    • Emma Jane b 1905 married Owen Evans 1928. They had a fish mongers/fruiterer shop in Barry from 1939.
    • Phyllis Amelia b 1907. Married William Chevalier Waters 1930, divorced then married James Hendry 29 March 1947. No children? Died 1986 Bexley, Kent.
    • Lily May b 1910. “Stayed at home” until she married Ivor Wright, 1950 Dartford. Is executor for wills of both Stanley and Amelia, and in 1964 is living at 108 Lower Road, Belvedere, Kent.

    Siblings of Charles Vickery Scott

    • Mary Elizabeth Scott b 1872 Seavington St Michael – not found after 1881 census. Child Bertram Vickery Scott, baptised 25 Apr 1890 in Seavington St Michael, father unknown, is with great uncle/aunt Joseph and Louisa Vickery 1891/1901, working on a farm in Minehead 1911, and then disappears (could have died in WW1?).
    • Emma Jane Scott b 1876 Whitelackington, poss d 1897.
    • George William Scott b 1878 Whitelackington, probably died 1885.
    • Louisa b 1880 Whitelackington. In Mullers Orphan House, Bristol at 1891, died there in 1893 (tubercular meningitis).
    • Frederick Scott b 1882 Whitelackington, possibly died 1889.
    • Henry b 1883 Whitelackington, probably died 1885.

    For half-siblings and step-siblings, from Walter Scott’s second marriage to Emma Brake in 1885, see How to Brake the records (in particular Note 2).

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    6 responses to “Scott and Osborne South Somerset, South Wales

    1. Ross Osborne avatar
      Ross Osborne

      my grandfather was Charles David Osborne born 1895. Ithink his father also lived in the Bush houses, but he came from Merriott Somerset

    2. Cutlock & Co avatar

      Not sure why you didn’t get an answer at the time, Ross. Perhaps I hadn’t found the info then. My records shows Charles’ father, also Charles, came from Misterton and the Joseph Osborne line. In Bush Houses at 1891 but moved to Blaengwynfi by 1901. So perhaps we’d be 5th cousins.

    3. Kay Osborn avatar

      Do you have a date for Joseph Osborne? And perhaps a wife’s name? I am looking for Joseph Osborn that married Martha Dixon May 2, 1758 in Bergholt, Essex, England. They had a son William Osborne that married Mary Baker March 12, 1794. Tho had a son William b. 1799. He had a son William Osborne b. 1822 that married Phoebe Cant. Are you possibly related? Kay Osborn

    4. Cutlock & Co avatar

      Thanks for the query. See ‘Following 4 brothers’, linked above, for answers re Joseph. It’s highly unlikely that there is any connection to your Osbornes.

    5. sian osborne-keddy avatar
      sian osborne-keddy

      hi im a granddaughter of Francis Howell osborne I know his family came from Somerset to the afan valleys his mother and father were Ernest Osborne and Rachel Howell are the ones listed any relations would love to find out more

      1. Cutlock & Co avatar

        Hi Sian. Yes, looks like we are fifth cousins! Ernest’s father Charles was one of the Osbornes who made the move from Misterton to the Welsh Valleys (in Bush Houses at 1891 census, and Blaengwynfi by 1901 I think). The father of Charles was Joseph, one of the ‘four brothers” here:

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