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Watts family Norfolk and beyond

Ellen Elizabeth Watts (sometimes given as Eleanor) was born 27th August 1852, Worstead, Norfolk. Parents Matthew Watts (b 1824, died 1884 Worstead) and Ann Cutting (b 1829 North Walsham, died 1907 Worstead).

Worstead is an interesting place – see Norfolk/Norwich page.

Ellen married Robert Smith Neal 4th March 1872 in Norwich – see Neal family page for her offspring.

Siblings in America

A number of her siblings emigrated to America – more details on the Abroad page:

  • Jane, Emma and Frederick all went to Seward, Nebraska, although the latter moved on to California.
  • John ended up in Erie county, Pennsylvania.

Siblings in Norfolk

There are a few gardeners listed here – this can mean what we’d call a ‘market gardener’ rather than a gardener for a household (or local council etc.).

  • George William, born 1849, who was variously a groom, coachman and gardener. Married Mary Ann Pointer 1872. Offspring:
    • Edith Jane b 1874 Worstead, m Frank London 1902, d 1912 Norfolk.
    • Mary Ellen b 1876 Dilham, m Edward Arthur Feek 1905, d 1957 March, Cambs.
    • Emma Elizabeth b 1878 Dilham, m James Woods 1901, d 1960 Norwich.
    • George William b 1881 Dilham, m Ethel Lilian Hollidge 1910, military clerk in India 1911, in Norwich 1939, d 1948 Norwich.
    • Sidney Frederick b 1886 Ludham, d 1966 Norfolk.
    • Henry Bertie b 1889 Ludham, possibly died 1920 Norwich. Married Daisy Jermy 1915 Norwich?
    • Edgar Charles b 1891 Eaton, Norwich, m Ethel Humphreys 1917, d 1976 Norwich.
Sam Myhill and offspring
Sam Myhill and offspring: Laura, Syd, Emma, Kate
  • Mary (aka Polly), born 1855, married Samuel Myhill June 1879, died 1922. In Worstead at 1911, and see Photos of great great uncle Sam, farmhand. Offspring:
    • {a} George William Press Watts b 1873 Worstead. Married Amy Spinks 1898 then Jane Rutherford Armstrong 1907, both in Tynemouth.
    • {a} Katie Jane Watts b 1875 Worstead, m Edmund John Pike 1903. See In praise of Ancestry’s Member Connect activity feature.
    • Mary Ann Elizabeth Myhill b Oct 1879 Worstead, m Joseph Edward Alfred Harris 1905. Died about 1912, London.
    • Anne Laura Myhill b 1883 Dilham, d 1970 Reading.
    • Emma Sarah Myhill b 1885 Dilham, m Willie Frank Pavey Case 1916 Watford, d 1968 London.
    • Sidney Frederick Myhill b 1888 Dilham, m Isobel Morrison 1909 Penrith, d 1972 Carlisle.
    • See Making a Case for the Myhills for more info.
    • Note a) It is not clear who the father is for George William and Katie Jane, and Mary could have had a further daughter before marrying (the 1911 census implies one child died as an infant). Thanks to Bea Fairley for info on George.
  • James, b 1859, married Diana (or Anna) Wild 1881, and was in Happisburgh (pronounced Haysbro) 1911, horse-man on farm. Total of 15 offspring shown in 1911 census, all born Happisburgh unless otherwise stated. One child missing here:
    • Frederick William b 1882 N Walsham, m Minnie Jane Mason 1907, d 1939.
    • Beatrice b May 1883 N Walsham.
    • Sydney George b Nov 1884 – went to America.
    • Rosa b Sep 1885
    • Albert James b 1887.
    • Anna Mary b 1888, m James Platford 1909, then George Barnes 1919.
    • Frank 1890 to 1891.
    • Charles b/d 1891.
    • Violet b 1892
    • Ambrose b 1895 – went to America.
    • Eva b 1897, m Robert H Rayner 1924, d 1971 Colchester.
    • Herbert Charles b 1900, m Phyllis M Cornish 1931 Paddington, d 1976 London.
    • Arthur b 1902.
    • Minnie b 1903, m Reuben Valentine Wegg 1923, d 1979 Happisburgh.
  • Anna Laura, b 1867, married Albert Dashwood 1896 Norwich, d 1933. He was also a gardener, died 1948 Norwich. Offspring all born Norwich:
    • Mabel Dashwood b 1897. m George Eastoe 1918, d 1983 Norwich.
    • Frederick Albert (or Albert Frederick) Dashwood b 1898, m Elsie May Chaplin 1921, d 1972 Norwich.
    • Ernest Baden Dashwood b 1900, d 1901.
    • William Edward Dashwood b 1903, d 1956.
    • Hammond Lancelot Dashwood b 1905, m Edith Ivy Brooks 1932, d 1979 Reading.
    • Arthur Dashwood b 1908, m Violet Ruth Rice 1930, d 1981 Norwich.
  • William Arthur, b 1873. married Anna Maria Long 1898, d 1957 Somerton. Recorded as an ‘ag lab’ earlier, at 1911 he is a gardener in Worstead. A granddaughter says “By the 1920s William Arthur was working as gardener for a chap called Granville Duff at Furze Hill in North Walsham, and as far as I know, continued there for the rest of his working life. He also became a Methodist lay preacher.” Offspring, all born Worstead:
    • Walter b 1899, d 1917 Somme, France.
    • John William b 1900, m Annie Fuller, d 1980?
    • Edith Marion b 1903, m Cyril E Goodwin 1928, d 1960 (Somerton?).
    • George Victor b 1904, m Elsie Tuddenham, d 1984 N Walsham.
    • Dorothy Lily b 1907, m William E Appleton 1927, d 1979.
    • Cyril b 1909, m Mabel Middleton 1934, police constable, d 1990 Basingstoke.
    • Frederick Gilbert b 1916, d 1989 Derbyshire.

It would be great to hear from anyone related in some way to those mentioned here.

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