Neal relations at Cuckoos Cup, The Wrekin

South Wales

Also see Tonypandy/Rhondda Valley page.


The other main place for the Welsh side of the family outside the Rhondda – Hughes, Rees, Phillips, Hickman and a Watkins or two.


When I was growing up, I always thought Mum’s family came from Llanelli and Swansea, but perhaps it was just the area she knew best as a child herself. I don’t think that we have any real Swansea connection, and the immediate family was only in Llanelli for perhaps 7 years. However  ‘Uncle Frank’ (Watkins) did live and work there most of his life, as did the Walters. See The electrical connection.

Merthyr Tydfil

The Watkins/Griffiths families were here before moving on to Tonypandy or elsewhere. The largest town in Wales for much of the 19th century, see our article Merthyr, more than a temporary abode. Merthyr town had a population of 83,875 at 1861 census.

Also of interest

  • Old Merthyr Tydfil website, which has sections on the ironworks, and many of the old streets, with plenty of old photos.

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