Newspapers, maps, images

Research links, and a few tips, for visual resources and old media.


Historical Maps

Plus geography, place names, etc.

Helpful note from WDYTYA magazine, Feb. 2015, on Ordnance Survey maps: The original survey started in 1784 and updates, such as railways, were overlaid on later maps. Thus, a map may show a village as it was in 1790 with a railway built in 1850 running past it. A second survey started in 1840 … produced much less anachronistic impressions …

Specific Places

Open Domesday – the first free online copy of Domesday Book – is worth a mention here. No old maps, but info about places from the 11th century.

Cutlock and Co articles:

Locating Cutlock & Co articles using (modern) Google Maps is on the Places page.

Visual Resources

Also try a search on Flickr. For instance, Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) has a bunch of wedding and family photographs here.

When was that photo taken?

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