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Peoples, faiths


Living conditions

Poverty, ill-health, consequences


  • Welsh Mormon History site is mainly about those who converted in Wales and migrated to Utah.
  • TheShipsList Find your ancestors on ships’ passenger lists, also immigration reports, newspaper records, shipwreck information, ship pictures, etc.

Criminal, convicts, transportation

  • Digital Panopticon allows you to “search millions of records from around fifty datasets, relating to the lives of 90,000 convicts from the Old Bailey … and to learn more about crime and criminal justice in the past”. Also transportation records, hulks and wider prison registers, ‘Metropolitan Police Register of Habitual Criminals’ and plenty more.
  • Prison History (new 2018) is an online database of prisons in 19th century England, with info on the records available.
  • Convicts to Australia (convictcentral.com) – a guide to researching your convict ancestors.
  • First Fleet – education site from University of Woolongong.
  • The various Australian state archives generally have convicts records and guides. Tasmanian archives family history section (was Van Diemen’s Land).

Institutions, including education

  • Barnardo Homes was one of the first providers of children homes and orphanages and at one time had a large number. Goldings website The Goldonian has collated a directory.
  • Children’s Homes website “aims to provide information on all of the many and varied institutions that became home for thousands of children and young people in Britain”.
  • School Records – info on what school records are available online.
  • Education in England – history of the development of England’s school system.



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