Not taking a hint on Griffith Watkins Highs and lows in a Rhondda life

Taken separately, none of the information in this piece is exceptionally noteworthy, but together perhaps there is enough for passing interest.

This little session kicked off with one of Ancestry’s “new hints” email notifications – usually highlighting irrelevant items or ones I’d checked out a day or two before. This time, it included a 1911 Wales census hint for Griffith Watkins, a great great uncle {1}. While this did indeed prove to be a hint to ignore, it prompted me to see if the missing record could now be found in the Ancestry system. After a little digging, the correct one appeared, with the surname transcribed as Walkins (and place of birth as ‘Norttyr’ rather than Merthyr). I can see why I didn’t find it first time round.

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Finding a Reason for this solicitor

Here’s an intriguing new little puzzle.’s hints feature, suggesting records and other trees connected with an individual in your own tree, is highly variable in its usefulness and has come up with very little for most of this year. Yesterday it threw up a couple of hints on the Welsh side – the Hughes and Rees lines, which often seem a lost cause in research with such common names.

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More of a muddle than a match Holley and Watkins wedding snaps

A ‘new’ Welsh second cousin getting in touch through this website was a welcome prompt to go back to the pile of photos scanned during last year’s visit to Knighton and cousin Islwyn {1}. Some have got directly attached to individuals on the family tree on Ancestry, via Family Tree Maker. Others continue to need cracking of puzzles such as the date of the picture and the people featured. This piece is a start on a puzzle or two.

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There’s no news like old Welsh news

The National Library of Wales has released the beta (not quite finished) version of its Welsh Newspapers Online resource. It is already a brilliant addition to the bookmarks.

I found that it was ‘live’ last night, and quickly mentioned the site on the Glamorgan FHS Facebook page. I think a few of the others signed up to that have spent quite some time since enjoying both browsing by newspaper/place and searching for their own family names. One quote “It is great just searching for the parish or town where your ancestor lived – lots of interesting articles, adverts etc.”. This can certainly give a sense of what was going on in town when your ancestors were around.

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A bunch of artists

For a change, an item featuring contemporary relations, as various cousins have been caught in a Facebook trawl over the last month or two. Apart from being a source of family photos, including a few oldies (thanks Brenda), the number with an artistic line of work (or serious hobby) was noticeable. While this may be down to other occupations not leaping out quite so obviously, it seemed worth doing a round up, whether they are on Facebook or not.

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