Entirely to the Water from Birth The nautical Harper Smiths

It is not often nowadays that an article in Who Do You Think You Are? magazine sends me off immediately to follow it up. But the March issue, received yesterday, has a Focus article on ‘Masters and Mates Certificates’ {4} which indicated it was worth checking to see if the 3 x great grandfather who had the title Captain could be found. He was born in the 1790s, so was already a master mariner when certificates came in from 1850.

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No Irish swearing please

A first cousin (twice removed) Mary Ellen Watts married Edward Arthur Feek in 1905. Edward’s parents were Elijah and Harriet (maiden name Meek). Can you guess the most frequent transcription error for the surname, perhaps from the title of this piece? Yes, Feck, although for one particularly badly written census record (1881) it comes out as Teek.

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Stacking the Deck with more Cutlocks

I have finally resolved, to my own satisfaction at least, the question posed back in March last year in ‘A matching pair of Elizabeth Cutlocks, or the same person?‘.

At the time, a key baptism record which had been spotted on familysearch.org by someone else, for Harriet Cutlock born 1837/38 to Elizabeth and Thomas, could not be located on that site. But I was prompted to re-check the other day – after all the site had updated Norfolk and other parish records this year. And yes the baptism was there (19th October 1837 at St Ann, Blackfriars, London) – although only as a transcript, no linked original register scan.

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Connecting with the neighbours

Researching the family tree comes up with plenty of “is this why” and “what if” moments. Here’s one I did recently.

The Neve family is one of the lines coming under closer examination after making contact with the Cullum cousins. With a few more dates and details to work from, it was possible to work backwards from 2 x great uncle William Cullum’s wife Sarah Ann Margaret Neve, find her parents Robert and Elizabeth in the census records in Norwich, and their likely marriage entry. Only likely, as Robert’s surname appears just as ‘N’! But then working forwards again, looking at their offspring came up with something that must be more than coincidence.

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