Cycling in, and out of, the family story Changing transport, and work, options

As a cyclist, and sometime cycle campaigner and rides organiser,  I was delighted to be contacted out of the blue (via this site) about family bike shop connections. Second cousin (once removed) Ronnie Myhill used to have such a shop in Carlisle, before switching to grocery – I’d already spotted his dad Sidney was a cycle agent at one point.

Ronnie was definitely involved with bicycles in 1953, and the grocery store existed by 1969, per phone directories on Ancestry. » Continue reading Cycling in, and out of, the family story Changing transport, and work, options

Making a Case for the Myhills

Samuel Myhill (born about 1856, Dilham, Norfolk) featured here almost a year ago with the first results of a scanning session on old family photos. He married my great great aunt Mary Watts in 1879. I have finally been able to get a better picture of what happened to most of their children, appearing as adults in one of the photos, largely thanks to the latest 1911 census update on Ancestry.

To work backwards, my favourite approach, from the youngest offspring:

Sidney Frederick Myhill

Born 16th December 1887, Dilham. » Continue reading “Making a Case for the Myhills”

In praise of .. Ancestry’s Member Connect Activity feature

The Ancestry website has a flexible (personalised) front page, where you can arrange or hide various modules showing particular information. I have chosen to have ‘Recent Member Connect Activity’ as the the top left box, which I find a bit addictive. It highlights activity by other Ancestry members connected with records which are on your own tree Ancestry member connect activity(or the ‘shoebox’ save-for-later area). There’s something new every week, often most days, usually just showing you who else has some vague interest in a particular person in the tree, saving a census or birth record say, as its easy to do. » Continue reading “In praise of .. Ancestry’s Member Connect Activity feature”

Photos of great great uncle Sam, farmhand

So the ‘major scanning exercise’ is done, with about 100 old family photos digitally processed. Not quite as good quality as I hoped as Dad’s HP all-in-one scanner didn’t want to budge from 200 dpi but should be adequate.

It will take some time to check them through, clean up and arrange all these, but images have already started appearing on old posts. I’ll try to include all of them in gallery pages eventually. » Continue reading “Photos of great great uncle Sam, farmhand”