Putting all the Levis in order Another tale of Welsh miners in America

The idea of one, or more, Watkins ancestors being born in America was tackled a while back, in ‘Cracking a family myth‘. Now another possible source of the tale has emerged, through a family tree on Ancestry.

The original story as recounted by cousin Islwyn was about the father of John Watkins, namely my 2x great grandfather Levy. Or Levi – I use the alternative spelling as a way to reduce confusion with my grandfather of the same name. » Continue reading Putting all the Levis in order Another tale of Welsh miners in America

American as candy corn

As I may have said before, when starting out down the family history track, I didn’t think we had any relatives in the USA, just a few Canadians. A few years down the trail, getting on for ten per cent of individuals on the ever extending tree (which has a total  of just over 5000 right now) are American cousins and their connections.

And in neatly timed research, I discover that the firm which first commercially produced the sweets closely associated by many Americans with trick-or-treat, namely candy corn, has a strong family tie. » Continue reading “American as candy corn”

A recognised anthracite miner of Pennsylvania

Family tales of ancestors on the Watkins side of the family are beginning to have some substance. At the weekend, mum’s cousin Islwyn handed over a photocopy of a ‘Certificate of registration of Sub-Board No 1’ for my great grandfather John Watkins (given as “of Forest City”, although he came from, and returned to, Tonypandy in Wales).

Dated 7th May 1893, it has been issued at Carbondale Pa, under “An Act to provide for the Examination of Miners in the Anthracite region of this Commonwealth etc” – passed 9th May 1889. » Continue reading “A recognised anthracite miner of Pennsylvania”