A question of religion in Yorkshire

Parish records for West Yorkshire were released on Ancestry this week. Not many ancestors or distant relations in this area, and the few who were in Leeds had left Poland, presumably due to the persecution of Jews there. Parish records were of course held (and created) by the Church of England, so are very unlikely to include those of the Jewish faith. I had a look, just in case.

There is no sign of the Brookstone family in these records, but the related Gladstones do appear. » Continue reading “A question of religion in Yorkshire”

Finding that elusive Jewish connection

The joys of the chase! I’ve cracked a conundrum on the family’s Jewish connection.

I’d at one time thought that granddad’s first name of Levi (which he hated) had a  Jewish connection. While both his grandfather and a cousin had the same name (if sometimes spelt differently, most often Levy), there is no other hint of such a link.

What has been more certain is great great aunt Lily Osborne married Jonny Brookstone, of Jewish origin and probably from Poland. » Continue reading “Finding that elusive Jewish connection”