No Irish swearing please

A first cousin (twice removed) Mary Ellen Watts married Edward Arthur Feek in 1905. Edward’s parents were Elijah and Harriet (maiden name Meek). Can you guess the most frequent transcription error for the surname, perhaps from the title of this piece? Yes, Feck, although for one particularly badly written census record (1881) it comes out as Teek.

As some family trees on Ancestry have what I believe is a stray child to Elijah and Harriet (the 1911 census clearly says they had 6 children, all still alive at that time), I’ve been making sure I’ve got the Feeks pinned down.  » Continue reading “No Irish swearing please”

Lording it in Bergh Apton – the variability of names

The spelling of surnames is a frequent problem for the family history researcher, for experienced hands as well as newbies. Usually this is put down to the poor literacy levels up to late 19th century, with those filling in the registers putting down how they think it out to be, based on what they hear.

Here’s a nice little story which came my way this week through a Norfolk connection on the Watts side of the family. » Continue reading “Lording it in Bergh Apton – the variability of names”