The Cutlock review for 2013

The family history research reflected in the Cutlock & Co website may appear to have crawled along in 2013, with only 14 articles (excluding this one), but there has actually been quite a lot of activity behind the scenes. Adding in newly available records, tidying up the notes on already identified individuals, filling in small gaps, and plenty more. Subscribing to FindMyPast has given access to the British Newspaper online archives, with a few interesting results.

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The Cutlock wrap for 2011

The traditional year-end review – developments in family history research on Cutlock & Co and the HowesWatkinsNealScott tree {Note 1}.

What I wished for

At the start of 2011, I wrote Looking ahead to look behind on this site, anticipating what progress might be made over the year. I gave an update half way through the year, when there was already only one significant outstanding item – making a connection with relations from the Cullum family, who shared great great grandmother Harriet Cutlock as an ancestor. Pleasingly this got ticked off a few weeks later, as related on Uncle William comes into focus. The email exchanges with Muriel have continued since, building up her husband’s family tree as well as filling in huge amounts of information and photographs of the Cullums. (Related links: A fruitful life for a Norfolk accountant, Cullum photo gallery, Great photo shame about the documentation, Connecting with the neighbours).

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