Neal relations at Cuckoos Cup, The Wrekin

Communication, communication, communication

In a little over a week I’ve made contact with (or they made contact with me):

  • A second cousin once removed, a Canadian Neal offshoot. Contact made via a convoluted process of a postal address for a relation of his being supplied by an earlier Cutlock and Co website contact. So that involved a website, an airmail letter, phone calls (between Canadian relations) and email.
  • A third cousin on the Welsh side who got in touch directly with the Cutlock and Co contact form.
  • A third cousin once removed, living in New York state. Testing out the new genealogy search engine Mocavo I discovered a post of his on GenForum, and the forum’s email facility actually worked.

Yep, it’s about discovering living family as well as those no longer around to answer my queries. And making best use of the modern and not-so-modern lines of communication available.

2nd cousin 1 removed





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