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Cutlock and Co found live and well

Cutlock and Co has been live on its new system, firmly in place at, for a few days now. There’s been a little tweaking of the design, and more messing around behind the scenes, giving a few more options.

The most obvious new option is the advertising, hopefully not too intrusive. Less obvious is a new full list of all ‘posts’ – articles like this rather than the subject pages which can be found using the menu bar at the top of the site. It’s tucked away under ‘About in the menu. The monthly list in the side column (the right-hand one now) has changed too, but has some quirks so may change again.

Two other new pages, with notes on using the genealogy site and the connected Family Tree Maker program (under Research), have also appeared in the last week, but that’s nothing to do with the site changes. The idea is that they will gradually expand with useful tips and observations.

Finally, “plug-ins” to send updates to Facebook and Twitter have been located and made operational – more work than you’d think.

Any comments or suggestions on how the website is running welcome.





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