The joys of 175 years of civil registration

Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales started 175 years ago today, I’m reliably tweeted by Worcestershire Archives (@worcsrecords). Yes, I have the year 1837 firmly ingrained in my research methods, but hadn’t noted the precise day.

A good day to discover an in-law of great aunt Daisy Maud May (nee Scott) was John Jones, born about 1881 in Nantllai (aka Nantlle), Carnarvonshire. Only about 50 possible birth registrations in the Carnarvon district, then. My friends from Bicycle Beano happen to be running one of their wonderful Snowdonia cycling holidays from Nantlle starting in just over a week – maybe they could pop into to the local parish churches and have a look for some records?!

Fortunately it is somewhat easier to whittle down the possibilities for the majority of family names.


Worcestershire Archives re-opens in its new home at The Hive in Worcester on Monday, 2nd July.

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