The Vickery family from Seavington

It has been quite some time since the last “all that we know about ….” round-up piece on a particular line or individual in the family tree, although there has been plenty of updating of the various ‘People’ pages. {1}

The Vickery branch hasn’t had much of a look-in yet, so this article makes a start.

Mary Ann Vickery, born 1851 Seavington St Michael, Somerset (baptism 10th August 1851), married Walter Scott 30th March 1872 in the same place.  They are great great grandparents to your editor. Parents Charles Vickery, 1814 to 1856 {2}, and Mary Harris, born 1817, died 1900 – they married 31st May 1845 Seavington St Mary but both buried at St Michael.

Seavington St Mary church
Seavington St Mary church

Walter and Mary Ann’s eldest son Charles Vickery Scott is a key individual. See Scott/Osborne page for him, his wife and children, and very limited information on his siblings (added January 2014).

Mary Ann had one brother, Joseph, baptised 16th July 1848 at Seavington St Michael. He married Louisa Richards 7th November 1878 Seavington St Michael – the witnesses were Walter Scott and Ellen Richards. He dies 1898.

Joseph’s great nephew Bertram Vickery Scott, baptised 25 April 1890 and son of Mary Elizabeth Scott, is staying with Joseph/Louisa in 1891 and 1901.

Joseph and Louisa’s line

Their offspring – the 1911 census for Louisa shows that there was one more child, who had died by then.

Note: updated with info from 1939 register, June 2016

Mary Ann Vickery born 1880 Seavington, is a servant at 20 South Eaton Place, London, in 1911. She was a witness on sister Ellen’s marriage in Shoreditch. Died 3rd January 1966 Basingstoke, probate to her youngest brother George Herbert.

Ellen Vickery marriage register 1910Ellen Vickery, born 3rd November 1882 Seavington, marries Edmond George Wharton 1910 and they are living at Kingsland Road, Shoreditch in 1911. She dies 5th Feb 1966 Basingstoke, probate to her husband. Children: Mary Louise Wharton b 1910 Bethnal Green married Arthur H Heather 1944 d 1969 Basingstoke, Hannah b 1912 Shoreditch married Edward Heather 1940 d 2001 North Hampshire.

Dorcas Vickery born 15th March 1884 Seavington. Servant at 1911, living in Seavington with mother and brothers Charles and George. No likely marriage found. In Sunnylands institution (Chard workhouse?) 1939, possible death 1964 Taunton.

Henry Charles Vickery born 7th April 1886 Seavington. Marriage to Mary Elizabeth Whitehead in 1911. Four children: Henry (b 1911, possibly married Ellen Lee 1937), Olive (b 1912, m Ralph Edwin Irish 1935?), Bertram Frank (1914-2012, m Barbara Adams 1939), possibly Ronald (b 1920, m Phyllis Osborne 1946).

Norman John Vickery born 1892 Seavington. Emigrated to Canada 1911, married Honor Helen Gifford 1916, Ontario. Children: Louisa (b 1917), Clarence Norman (b 29 July 1918) died in Italy 16th Oct 1944, William George (b 4 Jan 1920) died in Italy 13th Oct 1943, Agatha Bernice (b 20 May 1921) m Nelson Lee Henderson, d May 2008 Ottawa. A descendant of Agatha says that Norman abandoned the family and returned to England, but no record of this move found so far.

Luther Vickery Lillian Loshaw 1919Luther Frank Vickery baptised 12th April 1895 for some reason Seavington St Mary, emigrated to Canada 1913, married Lilly Loshaw 26th Nov 1919 in Ontario. She died 21st August 1925, perhaps no children. Presumed Frank Vickery is him on the Ontario voters list, spotted up to 1957.

George Herbert Vickery born 21st Sep 1897 Seavington (baptised 21st May 1899). Printer Compositor apprentice at 1911, WW1 military service France and Italy, and at 1939 agricultural produce salesman. Married Ellen Chant (nee Legg) 1930. Children Peter, David George, Margaret H, Michael J F. Died 1989 Yeovil district.

As always, your contributions, particularly if you are related in some way, are welcome. Especially you, Glenn!


1. The two connected pieces on the Norfolk maritime Smiths probably count as the last “all about” – Entirely to the Water from Birth and Hanging by a thread, in Feb 2013.

2. Taking Vickery further back, with some earlier data reliant on other Ancestry trees:

Charles Vickery’s parents: Charles Vickery born 1788 Seavington St Michael, married Ann Woodland (or Ann Wood) 27 December 1808 same place. Ann was born about 1790, same place.

Charles senior likely parents Elias Vickery (born 1748 Seavington St Michael) and Mary Denman (born 1758 same place). Married 16th July 1776 Lopen – no parents or occupations recorded. The FreeReg transcription of Charles’ baptism 17th June 1788 at St Michael notes ‘pauper’.

3. There is a little more about Vickery connections in the article How to Brake the records.

4. See South Somerset page for links etc. on the Seavingtons.

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  1. Greetings from New Zealand. I’ve been doing some research of Harrises of Seavington – Job (b1807) was the sibling of Mary Harris and my {great X 3} grandfather. Any information you have on Mary would be gratefully received.

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