Happy cousin anniversaries The big 60

I’m informed by a Facebook post that it is third cousin Rose Marie Austin’s 60th wedding anniversary today, 22nd December 2016 {1}. Congratulations to you and Bruce, may you have a happy day and many more.

Dad’s second cousin Muriel Shephard also celebrated her 60th anniversary this year, back in August (yes, reader, I did send a direct message then!).

Muriel, Roy and offspring just a few years ago:


  1. The general Cutlock & Co rule is not to give out personal info on living individuals, but perhaps this can be stretched a little here. Rose Marie Austin was born a Scott – not a Somerset Scott though, she connects to the Watts side of the family. And Darrell – I’d be happy to add a photo, but I’m not nicking one from Facebook without permission!
  2. Phew, just managed to get to double figures for new posts this year. It’s also post number 150. Cutlock & Co recently passed a total of 100,000 words (not including comments).
  3. Any other recent or upcoming sixtieth, or fiftieth, anniversaries?

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