Varied fortunes in WW1

Your editor has recently joined the local University of the Third Age family history group, volunteering to present some talks based around material from this website. The first talk is timetabled and pretty much nailed down {2}, while a drafted second brings together and augments the First World War coverage dotted around Cutlock & Co.

Levi Watkins

A good opportunity to create a new section on WW1 under the rather sparse ‘Events’ menu. This adds some further information on those who served (or tried to) as well as pointers to existing articles.

One puzzle emerged while creating the talk notes. Why do several of these men {1} sign up in February 1916, in between the conscription law going through parliament and it coming into effect on 2nd March? I haven’t found anything enlightening on the web so far.


  1. Spotted signing up during February 1916: Arthur Cullum, Levi Watkins, Harry Williams.
  2. The first talk on the untimely death of Laura Curtis nee Neal was given November 2017.

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