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I think it has been said here before, but Cutlock and Co and associated family research isn’t about trying to find famous connections, and every person has their role to play. However, it is still interesting to come across individuals with a bit more prominence, if only because there is more likely to have been stuff written about them, which may just be available somewhere.

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Neals in Canada – photos

A selection of old photos from family albums. First ten photos are of Robert (Bob) Neal and family at or near Oak River, Manitoba, Canada.

Photo Gallery

Click on the thumbnail images to see a larger version plus a little info – the image can also then be enlarged further. Do return to this page, with your browser back button, to add any comments.

Apologies for the crude auto-cropping of the thumbnails.

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Oak River sledge ride to school

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Oak River sledge ride to school A little snow in Manitoba

Posted earlier on Ancestry message board for Manitoba, and now updated with scans of photos:

An old family photo album came out for the first time (for me anyway) this Christmas, with a few snaps from our Neal relatives who had emigrated to Manitoba.

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N America, Global

The number of relatives emigrating abroad seems quite small given the large families and hardships around lives based on agricultural work, mining and other heavy duty manual jobs. Even so, the number of overseas connections within the family tree, especially in America, has grown to be a significant proportion.

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