Great photo, shame about the documentation

Continuing the exploration of the large batch of old family snaps digitised last week, here’s one of the more intriguing. It’s a wonderful action shot, taken by  that prolific photographer ‘person unknown’.

Labelled ‘Fred and Dora’s wedding September 25 1926’, the event is obvious and the most prominent figure pictured is also easy to identify as grandfather Sydney Howes. The occasion: Frederick Hinton Cullum, son of William John Cullum and Sarah Neve, marrying Dora Lillian Briselden – I had found the basic info already and the caption pleasingly confirms this and adds the precise date.  » Continue reading “Great photo, shame about the documentation”

Theophilus Farrall shipping agent and electrical inventor

One family connection I hadn’t previously pursued very far was that of my cousin Geoffrey and aunt Irene (Watkins). Their father/husband was Charles O’Brien, revealed to have a middle name of Theophilus on his wife’s death certificate – I have a feeling he hated this name.

I had only got a little info on place of birth and parents for Charles. It was likely that a birth registered in 1912, mother Farrell, was his but that was not enough data to go on in amongst a large number of O’Briens. » Continue reading “Theophilus Farrall shipping agent and electrical inventor”

A fruitful life for a Norfolk accountant

All that I know on William John Cullum.

William John Cullum was born 1868 in Norwich, according to family birthday records 9th March, to William Bishop Cullum and Harriet Cutlock. He was the eldest offspring of the couple, but almost 10 years younger than his half-sister Ann Harriet Cutlock.

The 1891 census finds him as a “ledger clerk in manufacturer’s office”, living at Leiston Terrace, Lowestoft. (There is a rather small chance that this isn’t the correct entry for him.) » Continue reading “A fruitful life for a Norfolk accountant”