Back on the trail with Bertram Another Scott relation found on military service

A nephew of great granddad Charles Scott made his way to Oz in 1912, returning to Europe with the Australian army a few years later.

On the trail

As highlighted some time ago in ‘A Major breakthrough in the Scott line‘, some of great grandfather Charles Vickery Scott’s siblings have been rather hard to track down. This time, I skipped a generation and looked at why nephew Bertram had disappeared after 1911 {2} – with his mother’s last appearance being his 1890 Seavington baptism record! In 1891 and 1901 he is with great uncle and aunt Joseph and Louise Vickery {1}.

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Double trouble

The Jeary family in America, descended from great great aunt Jane Watts and husband Robert who settled in Seward county, Nebraska, is quite extensive (see Going Abroad – America and global for some starters). Partly as a consequence, Robert Jeary’s siblings, who also emigrated to Nebraska from Norfolk, have been less researched by me to date.

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Alice arrives in Canada

A nice little update to a previous article about great aunt Alice Neal – Turning an absence into a presence – which traced her to Canada.

I have  now located her in the passenger lists arriving in Canada. It’s a bit of an odd record, as a form has been adapted slightly. But there’s little doubt this is her, accompanied by her uncle Henry, who had already settled in Canada.

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All at sea with a new cousin

So this makes the nice large wall chart of dad’s family “out of date”, if that’s the right phrase for having newly discovered historic information. With a bit of help from the Ancestry Facebook page {1}, I’ve downloaded the 1911 census form for my ‘half great great uncle’ William John Cullum from the actual Ancestry site. And yes, there is another offspring who was not recorded in the 1901 version. I had guessed there would be two, so I won’t make any great claims here.

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