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Alice arrives in Canada

A nice little update to a previous article about great aunt Alice Neal – Turning an absence into a presence – which traced her to Canada.

I have  now located her in the passenger lists arriving in Canada. It’s a bit of an odd record, as a form has been adapted slightly. But there’s little doubt this is her, accompanied by her uncle Henry, who had already settled in Canada.

This is a sailing from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the ship Mongolian, arriving 24th February 1894. On looking at this again, I can see that Henry and Alice’s ticket numbers are not quite consecutive – what happened to ticket 11114?  “Griswold Ma” must refer to their declared destination in Manitoba. Griswold is a few miles due south of Bradwardine, where Henry is living at a later census. At 1891 his address was Selkirk district, sub-district Daly.

It is good to know that Alice was accompanied on her journey by her uncle, but it begs the question of whether he made a special trip to England or perhaps Alice took advantage of a family visit. And what did Alice plan to do in her new country, and what did she actually do to start with? It was another eight years before she married Alexander Reid in Winnipeg, where the couple set up home.

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