The Jearys in sundry Seward stories More Nebraskan nitty gritty

This piece delves wider and deeper into local news items not-so-newly available online for Seward, Nebraska, as described in the Cutlock & Co piece Local papers for local people (March 2017). That looked at a family reunion, one listing of local family visits and an obituary.

Differing aspects of Jeary pioneers

In a simple search for Jeary in Nebraska, press cuttings for brother Edwin, a state senator and prominent person, tend to drown out Robert Jeary. » Continue reading The Jearys in sundry Seward stories More Nebraskan nitty gritty

Local papers for local people Surprising details in press archives, but also errors

A new resource of searchable back editions for various newspapers published in and around Seward county, Nebraska, has appeared online, at the Seward Memorial Library Digital Archives {1}. As mentioned on the Going Abroad section of Cutlock & Co, this is where a number of Watts relatives emigrated to. It didn’t take a great deal of searching to find interesting material.

These rural American newspapers certainly go to town on their personal angles. » Continue reading Local papers for local people Surprising details in press archives, but also errors

Our American pioneers

The Watts family members migrating to Nebraska in the late 19th century were hardly in the first wave of American immigrants, but were still pioneers in the area they settled – Seward county. They are also the first known members of the wider family to have travelled that far {1}.

Robert and Jane Jeary

This photograph, kindly supplied by third cousin Peggy Stahr, is of Robert Jeary and wife Jane (nee Watts). Jane was the oldest child of Matthew and Ann Watts, born 1846 in Worstead, Norfolk. » Continue reading “Our American pioneers”

Double trouble

The Jeary family in America, descended from great great aunt Jane Watts and husband Robert who settled in Seward county, Nebraska, is quite extensive (see Going Abroad – America and global for some starters). Partly as a consequence, Robert Jeary’s siblings, who also emigrated to Nebraska from Norfolk, have been less researched by me to date.

Robert became a farmer, as did his sister-in-law Emma Watt’s hubbie William Flowerday. But not all the Jearys took that path. » Continue reading “Double trouble”

Making the news makes family history

This post was going to be about bringing together disparate sources to build a picture, but has evolved into one on the increasing availability and usefulness of newspaper archives.

The British Newspaper Archive website went live late 2011, but while I have yet to use this, cuttings are increasingly adding to the data available. And the new series of Who Do You Think You Are? has featured newspaper extracts in each of the three episodes so far, with a particularly strong impact on Patrick Stewart’s view of his “angry” and abusive father when a cutting mentions shell-shock during evacuation from Cherbourg in 1940. » Continue reading “Making the news makes family history”