Our American pioneers

The Watts family members migrating to Nebraska in the late 19th century were hardly in the first wave of American immigrants, but were still pioneers in the area they settled – Seward county. They are also the first known members of the wider family to have travelled that far {1}.

Robert and Jane Jeary

This photograph, kindly supplied by third cousin Peggy Stahr, is of Robert Jeary and wife Jane (nee Watts). Jane was the oldest child of Matthew and Ann Watts, born 1846 in Worstead, Norfolk. The couple emigrated 1872, having married in Norfolk in 1866.  More on the North America page.

Unfortunately, another photo from Peggy, showing the three Watts siblings in Nebraska together with their spouses, is in too poor condition to be worth featuring here.  Taken outdoors rather than in  studio, it is just about possible to say that it could be a little earlier than the one above.

I am also taken by the strong resemblance between Robert and the 1923 passport photo of his brother Edwin, already featured on Cutlock and Co (‘Double Trouble‘).


1. Henry Neal, brother to Robert Smith Neal, wasn’t far behind, first arriving in Canada about 1873.

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