Wedding fashions through family photos

There are of course a number of wedding photographs in the family collection, dating back over a hundred years. I thought it might be interesting to look at the differences, from changing fashions and fortunes. The variation is no doubt as much as about what they could afford as personal taste and the conventions of the times.

Summer 1905, Norwich, NorfolkErnest and Eliza 1905

Eric Laddiman and Eliza Neal are fifth and sixth from the left back row. » Continue reading “Wedding fashions through family photos”

Cutlock or Laddiman most exclusive in 1891?

I’m reminded that Cutlock isn’t the only rare name in the family tree, at least as judged by the Ancestry website surname look-up feature. This uses the 1891 census records (England and Wales), showing a distribution map at county level (of people, not families as it states).

Cutlock – 10 people, all in Norfolk. The one who was born in London has married in.

Laddiman – 9 people, all in Norfolk.*

I have the impression that there are now more Laddimans than Cutlocks, given the prevalence of female offspring in the latter. » Continue reading “Cutlock or Laddiman most exclusive in 1891?”