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Wedding fashions through family photos

There are of course a number of wedding photographs in the family collection, dating back over a hundred years. I thought it might be interesting to look at the differences, from changing fashions and fortunes. The variation is no doubt as much as about what they could afford as personal taste and the conventions of the times.

Summer 1905, Norwich, NorfolkErnest and Eliza 1905

Eric Laddiman and Eliza Neal are fifth and sixth from the left back row. The fact that this is their wedding is by deduction based on being ‘August or September 1905’. An odd grouping, with all those young women in front. Gran Emily Neal, with her sister Polly, are in the front row, third and second from right. The ‘better’ shots probably went to the older siblings – large size photos such as these would presumably have been relatively  expensive.

1918, New York State, USAAmbrose Watts and Adabell Waterson

Ambrose Watts, who had arrived from Norfolk in 1914, and his American born wife Adabelle Waterson. Photo courtesy of Darrell Austin.

1923, Tonypandy, WalesMay Scott wedding, 1923

Spencer May and Daisy Maud Scott are the happy couple in the middle of the back row of the Scott family. Len Watkins second from right at the rear, husband of Mary Ann sitting just in front. Again the date of this, worked out from age of the youngsters, pinpoints the occasion.

(And yes, I’ve photoshopped this photo  to give better contrast.)

September 1926, Lewisham, London

Fred Cullum, Dora Briselden, wedding Sep 1926
Fred Cullum, Dora Briselden, wedding Sep 1926

(another photo of Cullum/Briselden wedding on Uncle William comes into focus)

1930 Norwich, NorfolkAlec and Cissie's wedding, 1930

Harry Williams, Alec Williams and Cissie Berry, plus bridesmaid and father?

1933, Wellington, ShropshireJack and Peggy's wedding, 1933

Eric Laddiman, Jack Laddiman and wife Peggy (Helen Marguerite) Price, not sure of the other two (the bridesmaids?!).

1940, Wellington, ShropshireEric and Vera's wedding, 1940

A war time wedding. Eric Laddiman and Vera Davies.


1. There was a feature on dating wedding photos in the May 2011 issue of Who Do You Think You Are magazine.

2. More of a muddle than a match has a number of Welsh wedding photos, 1930s to 1960s.


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