Not taking a hint on Griffith Watkins Highs and lows in a Rhondda life

Taken separately, none of the information in this piece is exceptionally noteworthy, but together perhaps there is enough for passing interest.

This little session kicked off with one of Ancestry’s “new hints” email notifications – usually highlighting irrelevant items or ones I’d checked out a day or two before. This time, it included a 1911 Wales census hint for Griffith Watkins, a great great uncle {1}. While this did indeed prove to be a hint to ignore, it prompted me to see if the missing record could now be found in the Ancestry system. » Continue reading Not taking a hint on Griffith Watkins Highs and lows in a Rhondda life

Tracing the Osborne inscriptions at Trealaw

The hundredth article on Cutlock & Co {1} is as good as any to re-visit the photographs taken at Trealaw Cemetery back in April 2011 {3}. This time it is a focus on the Osborne side.

The grave of great great grandparents William and Mary Ann Osborne was perhaps the easiest to find – right next to one of the main paths.

Son Daniel predeceased his parents, age just 19 in 1909. » Continue reading “Tracing the Osborne inscriptions at Trealaw”

Keen eyes and some groundwork to find the name

Another selection from the recent Trealaw cemetery trawl. This time they are all related in some way to the Osborne (Somerset) side of the family, but as with my first piece on this (A quick look at family gravestones at Trealaw), they are all different in style.

The pub connection

This headstone is interesting mainly because of the initial dedication

‘The Central’ still survives on Clydach Road as a building at least – you can see it on Google Streetview. » Continue reading “Keen eyes and some groundwork to find the name”

A quick look at family gravestones at Trealaw

It is now two weeks since my visit to Trealaw cemetery, near Tonypandy, checking out as many grave plots as possible of my mum’s immediate and extended family. High time for some photos and a few notes.

Monday 18th April was a fine day. We (my brother and myself) got out of the campsite a few miles away in good time and found the cemetery without much bother (it is rather too large to miss). » Continue reading “A quick look at family gravestones at Trealaw”