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Keen eyes and some groundwork to find the name

Another selection from the recent Trealaw cemetery trawl. This time they are all related in some way to the Osborne (Somerset) side of the family, but as with my first piece on this (A quick look at family gravestones at Trealaw), they are all different in style.

The pub connection

This headstone is interesting mainly because of the initial dedication

Minton and McLean gravestone
“In loving memory of Mary Jane Minton beloved sister of D. A. Morgan Central Hotel Blaen Clydach Died June 6th 1917 aged 37 years”.

‘The Central’ still survives on Clydach Road as a building at least – you can see it on Google Streetview. David Aubrey Morgan was in Swansea with the rest of the family in 1891, as a tin worker, so how he changed to running a pub is an intriguing question. It is also interesting that the stone used here is different from all other family gravestones – a harder stone so more expensive, David eager to show his status in the area?

And on the other two on the stone: Ann McLean is the mother of both Mary Jane and David, having been a Morgan before marrying Mark McLean. Morgan would seem to be her previous married name, not her maiden name. This trio fits on the Osborne branch as Ann and Mark’s son William married Mabel Osborne, daughter of Levi and Elizabeth.

Groping for a name

Foot of Beament graveBy contrast, you’ll find it hard to see the name here. The lower stone has ‘Beament’ etched into it – you might just make out a couple of letters. When there was no other sign of an inscription, groping about at the foot of the grave (if it had this type of surround) was worth a go, as you might just be able to feel some carved letters.

There was also this urn was on the grave. Beament urn‘Mam and dad’ should be, if we have the right plot, Henry Beament (1868-1951) and wife Bessie Osborne (1870-1951), plus Len, their son Leonard (1905 – 1990?).

Keep your eyes peeled

The last of today’s three graves is one I spotted while searching out the hard-to-find grave of the great grandparents Scott (the B1 plot). The particular Letherby names weren’t on my list as for some reason Brinley does not appear on the CD transcription of the burial register (it goes up to 1990 so he should be there).

Brinley Letherby, son of Frederick Letherby and Daisy Osborne, born 1915 died 13th December 1971; married Ivy Stella Crump (1918 to 13th August 1997). The info on their 5 month old daughter Bernice, as shown here,  has been added to my family tree but she is the only offspring I have got recorded – I would be pleased to hear from any relatives.



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2 responses to “Keen eyes and some groundwork to find the name”

  1. Andrew avatar

    Brinley was my grandpa – I never met him as he died 6 years before I was born. Ivy was my dear Nanna.

    Was surprised to see her headstone on the internet- quite a shock! I was just searching for my Grandpa’s name as I’m about to change my name to include my wife’s surname – I intend to include the name ‘Brinley’ as one of my middle names in my Grandpa’s memory…better late than never!

  2. ahcutlock avatar

    Good to hear from you, third cousin! I’ll probably drop you a short line to your email address tomorrow – time for bed now.

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