Thomas Cook it

Newly discovered as a great great uncle: Thomas Cook Watts. Born in 1857 Worstead (Norfolk), discovered in the freshly Googled baptism records for St Mary’s. Unfortunately he died in about a year, hence not appearing on the census records.

I guess he was named after Captain Cook, rather than a desire for a package holiday.

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  1. As has been pointed out, and I realised after posting this, there are various reasons for having someone else’s surname as a middle name. To quote, a more likely reason “is that the family is non conformist i.e. not CoE but Baptist, Congregationalist, Presbyterian or the like. The second surname (actually a second Christian name) is normally but not always the spouses surname, less frequently you’ll spot it’s a grandparents surname and very occasionally it will be the name of a family they are friends with or respect such as the ministers surname or the name of a business partner.”

    But then this was really just a funny little post to get the blog side going, as I found having a Thomas Cook in the family vaguely amusing.

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