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Searching for clues to Ann Harriet Cutlock

This site is slowly getting there. The main pages now have a reasonable amount of content and I’ve got a few ideas of what I’m going to write about blog-style. And from the web stats (WordPress provides a rather neat summary) visitors are arriving who I haven’t specifically invited – hurrah. I’m intrigued that one of the the first searches to appear on the stats was ‘ann harriet cutlock 1858 norwich’ – so precisely what these pages were set up for, but of course now I want to know who was it searching?

Given that interest, my first “all I know about an ancestor” piece is on

Ann Harriet Cutlock

As per the Cutlock/Cullum page, Ann Harriet Cutlock was born 10th December 1858  in Norwich, at Red Lion Yard. No father is given on her birth certificate (a copy is in my files). She is shown on the 1861/71/81 censuses as being with her grandparents John Cutlock/ Charlotte Plunkett, firstly in St Augustine Street then Ninham’s Court (see Norwich Yards website). A Bible has come down the family inscribed in fancy Bible inscription to A H Cutlockwriting “A H Cutlock 10th December 1879”, her 21st birthday.

At 1881 Ann Harriet Cutlock is a ‘tailor’s assistant’. By this time her grandfather, previously a silk weaver, is shown as a ‘Beadsman Norwich Cathedral’.

Her mother Harriet Cutlock married William Bishop Cullum 1865. Both are in the tailoring business.

Next comes the information which makes doing these sort of round-ups, which you might think just repeat material elsewhere, worthwhile. Ann Harriet married Arthur Albert Barcoe Howes 2nd August 1885 at St Augustine Church, Norwich. On checking the details I notice, for the first time since finding our Cullum connection, that the witnesses are Elizabeth Mary Cullum and William Cullum – I had thought I’d come across the surname before! Elizabeth is a half-sister, William is either Ann Harriet’s step-father (if that’s the right description – no father given in the marriage records) or half-brother (known in the Howes family as Uncle William, and due for his own round-up soon).

The first child Arthur William is born less than five months after the marriage (December 1885), so the image of the Howes family being of entirely upright stock takes another blow. Two further children Sydney Charles (1888) and Gertrude Alice (1891). The married couple are at 63 Rose Yard at 1891, moving to 55 Churchill Road by 1901. AAB Howes died 1918 Norwich.

Ann Harriet Howes (Cutlock) with daughter Gertie on the beach

There are a few photographs in old family albums which carry a label indicating that this Mrs Howes features. Another reason to prioritise a ‘scan visit’. The presence of various Cullums in these albums, along with the witnesses on the marriage registration and Cullum birthdays in gran’s records, perhaps give an answer to a question which had troubled me since I found Ann Harriet wasn’t brought up by her mother (at least as indicated by the census returns). How well did she know her mother, did they get on and was she included in the wider family? Quite clearly yes to the last of those, and I am now happy to apply a positive spin to the others too.

The Cutlock/Cullum page will be kept updated.

UPDATE: As you can see, some scanning has been done.






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