Stacking the Deck with more Cutlocks

I have finally resolved, to my own satisfaction at least, the question posed back in March last year in ‘A matching pair of Elizabeth Cutlocks, or the same person?‘.

At the time, a key baptism record which had been spotted on by someone else, for Harriet Cutlock born 1837/38 to Elizabeth and Thomas, could not be located on that site. But I was prompted to re-check the other day – after all the site had updated Norfolk and other parish records this year. » Continue reading “Stacking the Deck with more Cutlocks”

Corrupt voting – great uncle accused

Another interesting new history search engine, going beyond the usual sources but creating new frustrations! It has passed the ‘Cutlock test’ though, sort of.

Connected Histories is a joint project of a number of universities and currently includes 11 major digital resources for Britain in the years 1500 to 1900 – see the Resources list. Some are academic in origin, others require access via a university or other institution, but there is some freely available material indexed. » Continue reading “Corrupt voting – great uncle accused”

A matching pair of Elizabeth Cutlocks, or the same person?

After getting round to tidying up records on some early 19th century Cutlock family members, I’ve posted the following item on the Ancestry message board for Norfolk (England). There isn’t a Surname message board for Cutlock, surprise surprise.

Seeing as a search for Cutlock on the Ancestry boards comes up blank, time to start a thread! And give a link to my family history site,

My great grandmother Ann Harriet Cutlock was born 10th December 1858 in Norwich to an unmarried Harriet Cutlock, father unknown. » Continue reading “A matching pair of Elizabeth Cutlocks, or the same person?”

Searching for clues to Ann Harriet Cutlock

This site is slowly getting there. The main pages now have a reasonable amount of content and I’ve got a few ideas of what I’m going to write about blog-style. And from the web stats (WordPress provides a rather neat summary) visitors are arriving who I haven’t specifically invited – hurrah. I’m intrigued that one of the the first searches to appear on the stats was ‘ann harriet cutlock 1858 norwich’ – so precisely what these pages were set up for, but of course now I want to know who was it searching? » Continue reading “Searching for clues to Ann Harriet Cutlock”

Cutlock or Laddiman most exclusive in 1891?

I’m reminded that Cutlock isn’t the only rare name in the family tree, at least as judged by the Ancestry website surname look-up feature. This uses the 1891 census records (England and Wales), showing a distribution map at county level (of people, not families as it states).

Cutlock – 10 people, all in Norfolk. The one who was born in London has married in.

Laddiman – 9 people, all in Norfolk.*

I have the impression that there are now more Laddimans than Cutlocks, given the prevalence of female offspring in the latter. » Continue reading “Cutlock or Laddiman most exclusive in 1891?”

Happy Birthday great gran Ann Harriet

My great grandmother was born on 10th December 1858 in Norwich – Red Lion Yard, St Clement Within. The ancestral bookcase contains a Bible with “10th December 1879 A.H. Cutlock” inscribed – no doubt a 21st birthday present but who from? She was brought up by her grandparents John and Charlotte (nee Plunkett), or at least was always with them at census time!

I’d like to claim that I started family history research on AHC’s 150th anniversary on 10th December 2008, but as it happens I missed taking out my first Ancestry sub by two days. » Continue reading “Happy Birthday great gran Ann Harriet”