Open Daw(e) in Dorset

And the headings just get worse.

I’m delighted that has just released a whole range of Dorset parish records available to search and view, with the help of Dorset History Centre. The Osborne side of the family comes from the Somerset/Dorset border, and although most records are likely to be on the Somerset side, the connected Daw (or Dawe) family was definitely in Dorset, around Beaminster.

Only thing is I really could do with getting out and enjoying the sunshine more, rather than sitting in front of the computer locating the baptism records of my great great great grandmother Mary Ann Dawe. She married Robert Osborne, unfortunately in this case just across the border in Merriott, Somerset (1846). This can be found transcribed on FreeReg, so all is not lost.

UPDATE: I see from the comments on the blog post about the release that the Probate records included here (OK they aren’t parish records really) have been indexed (made searchable) by the name of the will’s administrator – the person who actioned the will on the person’s death – rather than the person who made the will. A bit daft, but quite often this will be a relative.

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