Hitting the hundred

Discovered today, the first centenarian in the family tree. She’s an in-law of my aunt, so I won’t start worrying that I might live that long quite yet.

I’d discovered the connection before, but not the various dates.

Elizabeth Rosina Fordham, born 13th February 1887 Islington, married Theophilus Richard Farrall {1} 1st August 1914 South Tottenham, latest entry on London Electoral Rolls located so far 1936 at 60 Chesterfield Gardens, Tottenham. Died January 1990 in Ipswich or Felixstowe. So she almost reached 103, outliving her children and seeing her husband die 55 years earlier (possibly due to effects of World War One injuries).


1. Theophilus was also his father’s name, and was inherited by his nephew Charles O’Brien as a middle name, and his son Theophilus Ronald.

2. Another twenty posts before Cutlock and Co reaches the hundred! (Unless you count the pages – the ones indexed in the main menu – too.)

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