Islwyn’s picture puzzles Rediscovering negatives from the fifties

In this article, more a side view on Islwyn Watkins’ art student days (late 1950s) {2} than deep family history. Fellow student Ed Beavis found some photographic negatives taken by Islwyn which had been tucked away, from a trip of theirs which included dropping in on relations. Most likely around/south of Bristol.

Which family?

These don’t seem to be Watkins faces, so are more likely to be his mother’s Hickman side. Do any of these faces look familiar to anyone?

The following landscape and architectural photos might give a clue of locations visited – it would be really helpful if anyone can fit place to picture.

A community or church hall?

Answer: St Francis of Assisi Church, Ely, Cardiff.

Somewhere off the Bristol Channel?

And finally..

An early Islwyn construction from found materials, perhaps.

Any thoughts, as ever please do add them via comments below or send in via the contact form.


  1. Many thanks to Pete for processing the negatives, a little worse for wear, into decent digital images.
  2. Also see: Islwyn Watkins 1938-2018. A bunch of artists may also be of interest.

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