How to Brake the records

Here is a good illustration of how being open to inquiries on family history can pay dividends. A comment on The Tonypandy that Mum knew article gave some information on a family in that town, living just round the corner from our crew in the early 1900s. A long shot, but could Cutlock and Co come up with any pointers? No harm in seeing if the focus of attention (Florence M Reed) was easy to find in the 1911 census and yes a match came up on an Ancestry search straight away. » Continue reading “How to Brake the records”

The joys of 175 years of civil registration

Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales started 175 years ago today, I’m reliably tweeted by Worcestershire Archives (@worcsrecords). Yes, I have the year 1837 firmly ingrained in my research methods, but hadn’t noted the precise day.

A good day to discover an in-law of great aunt Daisy Maud May (nee Scott) was John Jones, born about 1881 in Nantllai (aka Nantlle), Carnarvonshire. Only about 50 possible birth registrations in the Carnarvon district, then. » Continue reading “The joys of 175 years of civil registration”

Unexpected revelations from great gran’s will

You never quite know where new data releases will lead you. Ancestry has recently extended the coverage of the National Probate Calendar up to 1966 – seemingly a dry record of the basic details of wills but occasionally giving a lot more than just an idea of how much someone was ‘worth’ when they died.

Great grandmother Amelia Scott nee Osborne died in 1964, at the age of 85 and some 20 years after husband Charles. » Continue reading “Unexpected revelations from great gran’s will”

The return and disappearance of the missionary Mays

It has been the best part of a year since I wrote about the Kiwi Cousins – the May branch of the Scott family, mum’s maternal line. As of this article, I have now probably gone as far as I can from the online records, and can only hope to discover a living relative to fill in the gaps.

Returning from India

What had eluded me until today was pinning down all of the family’s return from India after the Second World War. » Continue reading “The return and disappearance of the missionary Mays”

Kiwi cousins

I’ve spent nearly all the long weekend in foreign parts – Canada, USA, Australia and just a touch of the New Zealands. Yes, virtually of course, having splashed out on a Worldwide sub on Ancestry (for a month). All sorts of loose ends tidied up and quite a few new third cousins found, although most seem to have been born rather a long time ago, and are no more.

One of the first on the list for investigation was great aunt Daisy Maud May (originally Scott). » Continue reading “Kiwi cousins”

Feeling Bushed Exploring Bush Houses, Clydach Vale

It is a couple of years since I first stumbled across Bush Houses as the place where my coal mining ancestors lived on moving to the Welsh valleys. I can still remember the confusion of trying to work out quite where Bush Houses was (were?).

From the 1891 census for the Osborne family I could track down the ‘hamlet’ of Clydach, recorded here as part of Ystradfodwg parish in the Rhondda. But where was ‘Bush’ –  seemingly having no road name? » Continue reading Feeling Bushed Exploring Bush Houses, Clydach Vale