FTM 2014 Using Family Tree Maker 2014 - Ancestry/MacKiev

With the release of Family Tree Maker 2017 (some time in April 2017), which has new technology for the connection to Ancestry for sync and other functions, Cutlock & Co has split out pages for FTM 2014 (below), as well as FTM 2012, versions. These versions are effectively obsolete unless you don’t use any features which connect with Ancestry (search, record merge, hints, sync).

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Price increase for Ancestry?

Ancestry has increased its subscription rates for new members on the Ancestry.co.uk site, although the monthly sub at the most basic level has gone down.

The changes make sense in that there is a clearer relationship between monthly and annual rates, generally the latter is approximately 10 times more. The ‘Premium’ level is the exception, at £129 pa (was £107-40) against £14-99 pm,  although I have also seen the annual figure showing as £149!

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