Family Tree Maker September update

An update for Family Tree Maker 2012 was released on Friday (see Note 1 for info on the upgrade process). Alongside improvements to the tree sync facility and bug fixes, it is definitely an upgrade as it introduces a number of new features. All very welcome, but see note 3 for a downside.

Knowing one’s Place

One of these new features, on the treatment of Place Names, almost addresses a wish-list item of mine. » Continue reading “Family Tree Maker September update”

First update for Family Tree Maker 2012

Note: this is now an old article – please see the documentation of further updates to FTM 2012 on our FTM Notes page instead.

Family Tree Maker 2012 has a mandatory update – version (mine was previously .388, presumably the UK release version number).

The install routine is a little annoying – three confirmation boxes for the upgrade to run, with only one having any options other than ‘cancel’ (and unlikely that you’d want to change the selection). » Continue reading “First update for Family Tree Maker 2012”

Record search for Welsh 1911 census now on Ancestry

Finally, movement on getting full Ancestry search facilities on the 1911 census. From today the records for Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands can be searched in the usual way, not via a convoluted poke through the summary books, which only show head of household in abbreviated form.

Waiting so long, the hope was that the transcription quality would be better than with Find My Past. I’ve only located one record so far, and was slowed down in finding this by David Aubrey Morgan’s middle name being transcribed as Autrey, but it’s not an unreasonable interpretation of the handwriting. » Continue reading “Record search for Welsh 1911 census now on Ancestry”

Grappling with the new TreeSync

The new 2012 UK version of Family Tree Maker (FTM) arrived on Saturday. The Platinum edition comes with 6 months access to Premium membership – parish records, occupations and all other UK records as well as the standard Births, Marriages, Deaths and Census (link to order FTM from Amazon). Here’s a piece on my experience and thoughts so far.

Adding the Ancestry subscription

The basic installation was as straightforward to do as it usually is, although it automatically added a program to the existing .net » Continue reading “Grappling with the new TreeSync”

Update tree software and Ancestry sub too

A few days ago I wrote about the new version of Family Tree Maker, the software connected with the Ancestry site but which can be used stand-alone.

Today Amazon has remarkably good discounts for advance order – it’s due out 14th October in the UK. The ‘World Edition’ is at the cheapest I remember seeing it, at £64-02* against a list price of just over a hundred pounds. (The 2011 version is not as low.) » Continue reading “Update tree software and Ancestry sub too”