Update tree software and Ancestry sub too

A few days ago I wrote about the new version of Family Tree Maker, the software connected with the Ancestry site but which can be used stand-alone.

Today Amazon has remarkably good discounts for advance order – it’s due out 14th October in the UK. The ‘World Edition’ is at the cheapest I remember seeing it, at £64-02* against a list price of just over a hundred pounds. (The 2011 version is not as low.) Here’s the link: Family Tree Maker 2012 World Edition (PC). This  includes 6 month Worldwide membership of Ancestry.co.uk, which is £155-40 for a year bought direct, so if you need foreign records as well as UK ones it is very good value.

* At 15th October, lowest price £61-85.

Other options:

    • Platinum Family Tree Maker 2012 Platinum Edition (PC) Includes 6 months of UK Premium membership of Ancestry.co.uk (parish records, the new occupational records and more, on top of the basic). £47-99 £38-58 £37-73 lowest price at 15th Oct (list price £61-24).
  • Deluxe Family Tree Maker 2012 Deluxe Edition (PC) Three months UK  Essentials membership included. £32-99 £26-68 £24-62 at 15th Oct (list £40-84).

And a later addition: Amazon has new Family Tree Maker Mac version (version 2) as due for release 4th November, with price of £38-58 at 13th Oct.

UPDATE: Prices on Amazon do move, last updated at 15th Oct.

Avanquest, the UK distributor, now has the 2012 versions listed on its site – try this link.

Ancestry.co.uk hasn’t yet got info on the 2012 on its online shop, but an email on upgrading from older versions offers £19-99 plus postage, with only one month Essentials included. It says an updated Mac version will be coming soon.

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