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First update for Family Tree Maker 2012

Note: this is now an old article – please see the documentation of further updates to FTM 2012 on our FTM Notes page instead.

Family Tree Maker 2012 has a mandatory update – version (mine was previously .388, presumably the UK release version number).

The install routine is a little annoying – three confirmation boxes for the upgrade to run, with only one having any options other than ‘cancel’ (and unlikely that you’d want to change the selection). The update doesn’t give a confirmation that it has finished and you need to fire up the program again for it to run. But no real problems encountered on my Windows 7 (64 bit) PC.

An Ancestry forum post says: Anyone with the early release version –, can (should!) do a manual update first to if Auto Update isnt working.

What is in the update

Here’s what the Update information box says:

This update contains important improvements to the Family Tree Maker 2012 product. The improvements address issues with overall stability and performance as well as the new TreeSync feature.

These improvements include:


1. TreeSync Improvements
Multiple sync errors fixed
Sync upload/download, and incremental sync performance improvements
Implied relationships are created on AMT now
3 hour media download time out fixed
Sync indicators, icons, states, and sync refresh messaging issues
Improved handling of deleted relationships

2. General Performance Improvements
Faster import (from all formats)
Faster sync change log generation and display
Improved media refresh, thumbnail creation,
Improved handling of source citation pasting and changes

3. GEDCOM Import/Export, fixed a number of issues (missing/unsupported tags, duplication of media, missing media links)

4. Pasting source citation, fixed failure to paste citations to name facts

5. Place name parsing, fixed issues related to country and place modifiers

6. Login, fixed Web Search login issue

7. Maps, fixed accuracy of maps

8. Media download, fixed issue where duplicate media items were downloaded in some cases

9. Media copy/link, fixed problem where media was copied in cases where it should have been linked

10. Smart Stories, fixed issue where smart stories were not updating correctly in some cases

11. Conflict resolution, fixed issue where the sex fact was not handled correctly in conflict resolution

12. Conflict resolution, fixed issue where citation and media conflicts were reported unnecessarily

13. Clearer & safer option for deleting online trees from Ancestry

14. Title for Extended Family Chart is left justified by default


15. Ability to sync accepted and rejected hints between FTM & Ancestry

16. Option to include/exclude Ancestry media in synced trees

17. Undocumented Facts Report

18. Outline Descendant Report, Option to list only direct descendants between an ancestor and one descendant

19. Task List, Options to include/exclude task attributes and reclaim space for items excluded

20. Data Errors Report, Added option to list event dates that are not valid

21.  Ability to select multiple facts in the source citation link dialog

It is important that this update be run.






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