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Happy Birthday great gran Ann Harriet

My great grandmother was born on 10th December 1858 in Norwich – Red Lion Yard, St Clement Within. The ancestral bookcase contains a Bible with “10th December 1879 A.H. Cutlock” inscribed – no doubt a 21st birthday present but who from? She was brought up by her grandparents John and Charlotte (nee Plunkett), or at least was always with them at census time!

I’d like to claim that I started family history research on AHC’s 150th anniversary on 10th December 2008, but as it happens I missed taking out my first Ancestry sub by two days. And had already done a little on a 14 day trial a couple of months earlier. Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story!

Ann Harriet died 1941, precise date unknown at present but registered in (quarter ending) December.

The web address has now been registered. Our email address – try a large dollop of hint from above, she lives on in the virtual world in name at least.



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